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From the very beginning, we at SalatMestern have let quality for the customer be the driving force behind the development of our products. The business idea from the start was to make products that appear to be homemade. Typically, this is why today’s sour herring is made according to the same recipe as we did in the early 1970s.

The salad master's timeline

From kitchen counter to kitchen counter

“Our family has always been connected to the food industry. Dad was a butcher and I even ended my time at sea as a steward. When we were in the countryside, I would rather go to grocery stores to look at the selection than go to a restaurant or bar. Well at home, my wife and I started with fish food and catering shops in Fredrikstad and Moss. Since then, it has only gone from strength to strength. “

employed sector

“One of the first things on the menu were different herring varieties. Sour cream, a recipe from the 1970s, is still the one that goes and applies to this day. We were eager and were probably the first in Norway to make a salad of surimi or crabfish.

I have always been interested in taste and therefore raw materials have always had the greatest focus with us. Many of SalatMestern’s products are based on seafood and more people want me to be able to taste where in the world the individual shrimp are fished. We will never compromise on the raw material quality of our products!
Close collaboration with several of our most important customers means that our creative abilities are often put to the test. Not only when it comes to preparing new recipes and products, but also how they can be used and presented. I think we have a lot of knowledge to offer customers, which will make their sales easier. It also contains advice and hints on how the products can be served.
We started cooking and cooking at home on the kitchen counter many, many years ago. In 2018, SalatMestern turns 30 years old and it is much of the same food professional qualities that we build our business on today. And the enthusiasm for the work and the subject, yes, it is still the basis for everything we do today and the plans for the future. “

– Geir Andersen, Chairman of the Board

SalatMestern - A natural part of growing up

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“I was almost born into the business and was involved as a 12-year-old when mum and dad decided to start SalatMestern. My first job was to label bottles by hand – after school. “
“It was a chore and the payment was 8 øre bottle! Here there was no one in loops in the waltz, everything should go right by itself.

Every Friday, my sister and I traveled to my grandmother to spend the night so that my parents could work at night. On Saturday, the shops were supposed to be full of freshly prepared food. There was to be party food on all plates for customers who had plans for the weekend.

Cooking food has been a natural part of my whole upbringing. Together with schoolmates, it quickly became a weekend job at SalatMestern. 20 hour sessions that were demanding enough, but it was a good mix of fun and seriousness. An attitude that I have taken with me further in working life.

Since 1998, SalatMestern has been my permanent workplace. I am very interested in creating something, building the business further and creating jobs. Knowledge of technical issues and interest in food has led me into various leadership roles in the company. After 17 years of experience, I took over as general manager in 2015. SalatMestern is in a rapid development with constant investments. We are a bunch of enthusiasts! Our 70 employees make their knowledge available so that customers get the products they deserve. We are constantly developing new product groups for customers who in turn will make their customers, consumers, happy with their food – for everyday life and parties. “

– Thomas Andersen, general manager

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