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Pancoveien 16
1624 Gressvik


69 36 10 30

Order office

69 36 10 30


employed sector
Geir T. Andersen


employed thomas
Thomas Andersen

General manager and factory manager

employed lad
Svein Trudvold

Purchasing manager

employed kristin
Inger Kristin K. Corneliussen

Office and human resources manager

employed anne
Anne Skogen Strømberg

Strømberg Accounting – Accountant

employed anne cathrine
Anne-Cathrine Arntsen

Customs and accounting staff

employed ole
Ole Jørgen Corneliussen

Key Account Manager

employed sven
Sven Hagen

Key Account Manager

employed merete
Merete Skogen

Customer consultant

employed jan
Jan Børge Aune

Quality manager

employed anne-beate
Anne-Beate Larsen

Project Manager

employed kenneth
Kenneth Eilertsen

Product developer

employed armand
Armand Fjeld

Key Account Manager

employed boiler
Ketil Heie

Maintenance manager

employed boiler
Ketil Antonsen

Warehouse manager

employed bear
Bjørn-Terje Johannessen

Production manager

ansatt Andreas Nilsen
Andreas Nilsen

Product developer

Henning Moe

Sales Manager