Crab stick salad in coleslaw

Crab stick salad in coleslaw, landscape format

Even if you do not eat bread, you can still be tempted by our orders. These fresh mouthfuls make you both happy and full!

Hummus with potato chips

Hummus with potato chips

Potato pocket is a great alternative to regular chips! Together with hummus, this will be an exciting addition to the evening coziness.

Sustainable scampi

group photo from visit to scampi farm in vietnam

Production of scampi has been in critical spotlight for many years. And partly for good reason. Therefore, SalatMestern has had a strong focus on purchasing sustainable scampi since its inception.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

the salad master's premises with solar panel

When you want to be a responsible player in sustainability, you obviously do not escape an active effort to reduce the company’s climate footprint.